So you service and install fitness equipment? Let me tell right off the start, I am your biggest fan! I love to hear the stories of “the hardest install ever!” and the squeak that you chased from one side of the elliptical to the other. I love it because I have those same stories to share. I came into the fitness equipment service space just like everyone else…tripped and fell into it! That was over 20 years ago, I feel so blessed to have built a career around it. The question is, what did I build a career around exactly?

Is Fitness Equipment Service a REAL Industry?

In the dynamic world of fitness equipment service, where the clatter of weights and the hum of treadmills create a symphony of health and wellness, there exists a question that often echoes through the corridors of conversation: Is fitness equipment service a real industry? As someone deeply entrenched in this domain, engaging with business owners, service technicians, installers, and every role in between, the ambiguity surrounding our status as an industry is palpable. The term “Fitness Equipment Industry” is thrown around casually, but what lies beneath the surface? Do we truly constitute an industry, and do our efforts resonate beyond the confines of our specialized niche?

The Perception Quandary

The first challenge arises in the way we perceive ourselves within this space. As professionals dedicated to the maintenance, repair, and installation of fitness equipment, do we consider our collective endeavors as part of a larger industry? The responses may vary. For some, the sense of being part of an industry is ingrained, with a shared identity that binds us together. Yet, for others, the perceived lack of cohesion in tools, standards, and procedures may sow seeds of doubt regarding our industry status.

If you have read this far into this blog post, then I will assume you are part of the first segment. One that believes that we are part of a collective, maybe even an association of hive-minded individuals all seeking to be recognized as a legitimate trade. For that reason, I will argue the point of the second segment (If I am honest, I fall into this segment anyway…).

Recognition Beyond the Weights Room

One key litmus test for any industry’s legitimacy is its recognition outside its immediate circle. Does the broader populace acknowledge the significance of what we do? Walk into a club, and the importance of fitness equipment service is evident. However, step outside those walls, and the question remains: Is fitness equipment service recognized as a vital industry contributing to overall health and wellness? I don’t see it. Ask yourself, can I buy tools specifically designed for what we do? Am I routinely building procedures that incorporate the resources that are available off the shelf to me? Are others surprised that the Fitness Equipment Service Tech job description that you have worked so hard to attain is even real? The response I get is; “Oh yeah, I guess someone does need to fix the equipment at the club, huh? I never really thought about that”.

Tools, Standards, and Procedures: A Fragmented Landscape

As we delve into the heart of the matter, the landscape reveals itself as fragmented at best. Unlike more established industries with standardized tools, universally recognized standards, and widely adopted procedures, the fitness equipment service realm appears to be navigating uncharted territories. Each player, from service techs to business owners, often finds themselves charting their course independently.

The Journey Ahead

So, where does this leave us? Is fitness equipment service a real industry, or do we simply fill the void between manufacturers and end users? The answer, I believe, lies in our collective efforts to shape and define the narrative. As we discuss, debate, and challenge the status quo, we contribute to the ongoing evolution of our industry. Are you willing to join the conversation? Are you willing to share your own challenges and accept help from others in our service community? Together, let’s navigate this landscape, not just as individuals working in isolation, but as members of a dynamic and evolving industry. Join me on this journey as we unravel the layers of chaos that surround the fitness equipment service realm and seek to hear a resounding “YES! Fitness Equipment Service Is A REAL Industry!